These clinics are built using functional training methods to produce optimal results in technique and performance.
They are designed to educate students through practical lessons. Every student clinic offered by Athletic Academy progresses through three stages of learning:

Stage 1 - Anatomy & Body Awareness

Stage 2 - Science Based Exercises 

Stage 3 - Sport Performance Technique & Drills


Front Splits

Educating dancers on the anatomy, physiology, functional patterns, and sport specific movements related to the front splits.


Side Splits

Dancers explore the importance of the straddle line in dance. The study of these splits target turn out, hip isolation, leg extension, core strength and more.


Acro Conditioning

Dancers will learn biomechanics of acrobatics. Students will gain an understanding of the balance between flexibility, strength and functional technique required enhance mobility pathways.


Weight Baring

Students will learn how to use gravity as a tool. Whether they are fighting against it, falling with it, or sharing its power with another, structural misshaping can be made less frightening with some understanding of the science behind it. 

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Students will be educated in many cross joint actions of jumping. The focus will be on training the physiological systems in order to achieve optimal results in the power, speed, height and strength of all jumps. 



Dancers will examine the centre axis of the body. They will learn to apply the mathematics of movement to their turns to help gain spot control, balance and momentum.



The foot plays a vital role in the optimal performance of a dance as it is responsible for the postural habits linked to the entire body of a dancer. Students will explore different techniques which will enable them to find mobility and articulation in the feet. 


Acting for Dancers

Our clinics will offer dancers an understanding of performing without always using gross motor movements to aid in their expression. The focus will be to teach dancers about the muscular structure of the face, which will enable them to use the many emotions that can be portrayed through fine motor movement, and facial/vocal expression. 


Mindful Movement for Dancers

Dancers will learn the anatomy of breathing, along with different breath work techniques. They will gain an understanding of the neuroscience of mindfulness and meditation, and begin to relate dance as a form of movement meditation.