B.A, M.S

Certified Sport and Exercise Psychology Consultant
Performance And General Manager - Studio Lagree
Licensed 1 on 1 HeartMath® Provider
Certified Personal Training Specialist

Jennifer’s educational background plays a large role in the person and professional she is today. Having experience as a NCAA Divison 1 athlete and a Performance Coach, she understands more closely the demands of sport on both the mind and the body. Her education in kinesiology and sport psychology has enabled her to understand strategies best suited to successfully address such demands. Jennifer remains committed to the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of others through Continued Education.


I am truly dedicated to helping athletes especially those who are entering or are in the realm of competitive sports where perhaps their mental game is most critical. I believe the difference between a good athlete and a great athlete is their state of mental clarity and being. An athlete who is equipped with confidence in their abilities and has the tools to overcome obstacles is one that will not only experience success but also the true joy that sport can bring. My job is to provide the tools and knowledge needed to improve performance; my goal is to help good athletes achieve greatness and experience joy.”