Naomi Zahler

Naomi is co-founder of Athletix Academy. A company dedicated to bringing high quality, athletic conditioning to dancers and youth athletes. After suffering a debilitating injury while dancing professionally, Naomi committed herself to understanding human biomechanics and the art of movement. Along this path of study she graduated from Ryerson University with her BFA in dance performance, became a fully certified STOTT Pilates instructor, a Registered Yoga Instructor (1000+ hrs) and Functional Movement Specialist. Her experience with dancers and athletes has allowed her passion for dance, exercise science and mindfulness become her life’s work. Naomi is devoted to her craft and invested in continued learning. In the dance studio, she is best known for functional technique, acro conditioning and movement therapy. Naomi believes a dancer is the ultimate balance between athlete and artist. Specifically, that self awareness of movement, performance AND mindset is the foundation for success.