These clinics are designed to expand and inspire your curiosity. 


Studio Lagree

A custom designed, sport specific clinic designed for the Megaformer. These clinics are limited to 15 students.


Injury Prevention

Our clinics will educate students on common sport related injuries, how to assess pain, treatment options, as well as the importance of pre habilitation and daily self care.

Sport Psychology

Explore the power of the term 'mind over matter' with a better understanding of how our minds can play tricks on us when creating goals and attaining them. 


Fitness & Holistic Nutrition

What we put in our bodies impacts our performance in ways we do not always grasp.  With our clinics, you will develop a deeper understanding of what, when, and how you can be eating and drinking in order to achieve optimal results.


Fascia & Self Massage

Learn about myofascial trigger points and different techniques to release them. 


Mindfulness & Meditation

These clinics teach the neuroscience and practice of intent, awareness, stillness and breath.

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Incorporating Yoga

Learn how to incorporate yoga in your daily life, training and/or teaching. In these clinics, the various styles of yoga and best uses of each style will be explored.


Incorporating Pilates

Learn how to incorporate Joseph Pilates training principles into your classes and daily training.