All Athletix Academy Clinics are designed by our collective panel of professionals to ensure high quality, athletic conditioning and education.

Our Clinics will enhance the quality and safety of service that your studio provides to your students, teachers, parents and the dance community.

We offer education that is customized to meet sport specific goals for teams, groups and individuals.

All Clinics include...

- An academic foundation
- Scientific research based techniques
- Custom sport related focus
- Athletix Academy instructor
- Any necessary props and/or equipment

Clinics are modified to appropriately target age groups:

Juniors 6-12 years
Teens 13-19 years
Adults 20 + years





Student Clinics

The clinics in this category are movement based and lead by an Athletix Academy instructor.
The focus is to enhance sport conditioning, functional strength and mobility of the students.


Teacher Clinics

These clinics are designed to offer teachers new tools for their existing repertoire of teaching skills.


Prop Clinics

These clinics are dedicated to offering students a greater understanding of how to use certain props and equipment.

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Specialty Clinics

These clinics will offer both students and teachers a multidisciplinary approach to further their knowledge and skills.