These clinics are designed to deepen the education of dance instructors and accompany their existing skills to further support their students. 

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Anatomy & Physiology of Dance

Learn the basic anatomical and physiological systems used by the human body in order to achieve the grace of a dancer.
Explore functional movement patterns found in dance that can help your students obtain specific goals.


Injury Prevention 

Learn about the most common injuries found in dancers  and proper methods of training that can prevent such occurrences.
Also, learn how to assess, mediate and offer appropriate support to your students with an existing injury or pain.


Fascial Movement & Myofasial Release

Learn how this magical connective tissue can help release unnecessary tension in the body and help increase mobility and flexibility.


Prop Power

Props can be a dancer's best friend! 
Learn different functional ways to incorporate all kinds of props in class.


Cueing & Adjusting

Find new ways to cue your dancers based on their age and movement patterns.
Learn hand on adjustment strategies that are safe and effective for your dancers.


The Collective Core

The core is a word heard often, yet misunderstood by many.
Develop a deeper understanding of how the body's systems make up the collective core and how to train it most effectively in your classes.

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Movement Meditation for Dancers

Learn different breathing techniques and progressive movement sequencing to help incorporate yoga methodology into your classes.


Modern Dance Technique

Develop an understanding of different modern dance techniques best suited for certain age groups and how to incorporate such methods into your classes.