Tracey Soghrati


Tracey is deeply inspired by the use of movement as a therapeutic tool at any age or stage of life.  She believes wholeheartedly that finding strength and integration in the body supports stability and balance in the mind. After suffering a family tragedy at an early age, she felt distinctly disconnected from her physical self, preferring to live in the intellectual safety of her mind. However, her first yoga practices disarmed her by its capacity to integrate and heal parts of her that had previously felt broken.  

Since that time, over 20 years ago, she has completed formal education in molecular biology, nursing, critical care nursing, advanced life support, anatomy & pathophysiology, parenting/child development, health education, perinatal care, swedish massage and thai yoga massage.

In the field of Yoga, she has completed over 2500 Hours in Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Therapy Training including Jivamukti Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Kids Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Hatha Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation. 

In addition to her training, she has personally lead over 2000 hours in Yoga Teacher Training, over 3000 Hours in Private Yoga/Yoga Therapy and Teacher Mentorship Sessions and over 10 000 hours teaching yoga classes, workshops, and events.